Ford FG2000iS Petrol Inverter Generator

Its best to put the generator on dry land and connect to it from there for mains power. If used on the boat, do not use inside (obvously!)

It could be run from the stern, but beware if the boat rocks or if it vibrates a lot, it could go overboard.

To start the generator,:

  • turn the fuel on from the black filler cap on top
  • switch the dial to “choke”
  • pull the starting cord.
  • when its running, turn the switch ferom choke to “run”

Connect the power to the boat:

  • Plug one end of the extension lead into the socket at the rear of the boat.
  • Plug the 13 amp plug into the generator. The light on the generator should be green

Inside the boat:

  • check the mains power switch is on (up) – a green light should show
  • check the battery charger is showing that the lesiure batteries are being charged.

If the power fails:

  • Check the trip switch on the boat power supply panel
  • Check the indicator light on the generator is not red. If it is, you have to restart the generator.